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Blake on the Huffington Post: We Don’t Want No Foreign Funding

April 10th, 2012 by admin

“Press reports have expressed outrage over the fact that, through measures like those found in the budget, the federal government is seeking to block funding to environmental charities and intimidate them into silence on controversial issues in Canada. CRA will receive an additional $8 million to carry out new audits to enforce these provisions.

On April 2, the Director General of Charities Directorate published a message making it clear that these provisions do not apply only to environmental charities. She wrote: “As the rules relating to political activity apply to all registered charities, the CRA’s educational and compliance efforts in this regard will extend to the charitable sector as a whole.”

In my opinion, the transparency requirements obligating charities to disclose funding from foreign sources will have a much greater impact on Muslim and other religious charities than on environmental charities. Though the initial focus may be on environmental funding, there is little doubt that in due course the government’s attention will move to transparency with regard to foreign money coming into Canadian mosques and Muslim humanitarian charities.”

Read more here.

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